Though this space is a little unfinished, I thought I’d share a few bedroom details how it currently is. A calm space with little fuss. I get stonking headaches quite regularly so when designing the space I needed to consider it being a serene environment. Living in a rental tends to mean that you live with compromises, I have mirrored wardrobes, spot lights and a patchy beige carpet, all not my thing but hey, it’s still a great light space.

I love natural materials, nature, industrial design and a healthy dose of minimalism. Within this room I’ve kept it very simple and clutter free with those styles that I love.

Some products were gifted but not all, I only ever feature products and designs that I truly recommend and love. That’s the whole point of the blog, right?!

Hannah Trickett

I’m now fully converted to sleeping with separate duvets (best decision ever) though I do have to hold the boyfriend back from buying a Star Wars duvet for his side of the bed (not kidding). I found a beautiful new set from Ferm Living. This speckled duvet cover is the new HUSH range in Milkyway cream, it almost looks like a quails egg. They come in lots of different sizes designed so you can mix and match, if you like. You don’t have to have separates but trust me separates are awesome!

Above the bed is a life drawing I did during the Hygge festival organised by Signe Johansen. I was quite proud of my work so thought I’d frame it and I do LOVE hanging artwork off centre.

The lamp, oh just love! This was one of my first purchases for this house. It’s the JWDA black concrete lamp by MENU, I don’t like directional lighting next to the bed, I much prefer a dimming glow. The industrial style is a perfect contrast to the raw natural wood.

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